New members:
Seniors 1st Claim (club vest included) £32
Seniors 2nd Claim (club vest included) £22
Social (non-competing) £10
Juniors £8

Seniors 1st Claim £30
Seniors 2nd Claim £20
Social £10
Juniors £8
Note: Club pays £15 admin charge per member to UKA for 1st Claim competing members.

Benefits of membership:
* UK Athletics affiliation and number;
* Discounted entry fees on all UKA affiliated races;
* Support, training advice and coaching from UKA affiliated Coaches and Leaders in Running Fitness;
* A club vest, with the option of having your name on it;
* Heavily subsidised social outings such as the awards night and Summer ‘away’ nights;
* Unlimited support;
* A great bunch of friends!