Numbers, timing chips and race information will be dispatched imminently to all the competitors.  The B&A Scaffolding Fun Run starts at 10:15am at the Leisure Centre and the Pittaway Beverley 10k starts at 11:15am from Eastgate.  Pedestrian traffic will be controlled down to the start line.  There are some important points that all competitors need to note:
*  The deadline for Fun Run entries is Wednesdayday the 18th April.  Please click here to enter.
*  The deadline for transferring a number in the 10K race is Monday May the 8th.  Please click here to complete the transfer process.
*  Numbers must be worn by the person to whom they are registered.  Both parties involved in an illegal number transfer will be disqualified and banned from future races.
*  You must complete your medical details on the reverse of your number.
*  Under the UKA rules of competition, the wearing of headphones is prohibited during the Pittaway Beverley 10k race.  Offenders will be disqualified.
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