With a new year approaching, Lucas has put together a brief explanation of the Handicap and Knockout Cup Series for you all – an aide memories for long term members and useful info for the newbies.

Each year the club has a Handicap Race Series; the Handicap League, along with the 10K series and Knockout Cup.

The Handicap Series is made up of 12-15 races, nominated by the club.  No one is obliged to run any, but the more you do the better chance of winning prizes at the end of the series.  For each race you run you get points depending on how you perform versus your predicted time (handicap) based on recent results.  At the end of the year the person with the most points from their best 6 races (2 short and 1 long plus best 3 others) wins.

The 10K and under series is much the same but you only need to run 3 races of 10K or shorter to qualify and it’s your best 3 results.

The Knockout Cup is drawn each year and then follows a grid format, with 64 members qualifying through various means.  You are then encouraged to take part in the same race as your opponent within the time limit set out on the grid.  The winner who progresses is the runner performing best against their handicap target.

Within the list we include 2 club only races – Reverse Handicaps* – which are held at – Walkington (10K) and North Newbald (5 miles).  We also have a winter race on a Sunday – the next one being South Dalton (5 miles) on 20th January 2019 which is a stand alone-event used for the final cup qualifiers.

The full list of the Club Handicaps for 2019 is now on the club site, along with the first round draw for the 2019 Cup and updated rules.

If you want any further clarification contact Lucas Meagor – marathonlucas@gmail.com
 Club Handicap and knock-out Cup Rules 2018

*Reverse Handicaps mean you start in reverse order of your predicted time so the slowest goes off first and the fastest last.  In effect you should all finish at the same time if you run to your handicap.  These usually mean the first across the line is the winner!