Old Road parrallel to Railway line and Long Lane.
4 miles and 6.5 miles available.

Starting at Leisure Centre. Heading out down Spark Mill Road, over the railway line and pick up the footpath that goes under the Minster way and then runs along the Woodmansey side of the railway line parrallel to Long lane. Path comes out just beyond the Railway/Long lane crossing. Then pick up Shepherd Lane……
……Short route then follows Shepherd Lane to footpath that crosses arable field and over Minster way, to then join back of Lincoln Way and back via Willow lane. 4 mile route available here.
……Long Route continues on footpath off Shepherd Lane to follow up to Victoria road. Just beyond the Morrisons round about turn right down the footpath and back across Lincoln Way and playing fields and Willow Lane.
6.5 mile route available here.

Hudson way
Route 7.5, 6.2 and 5.5 miles
Starting at LC, head out through town centre past old railway station and head down Manor road turning right down Rosemary Walk.  Pick up Hudson way…
……until you can turn right at Park House Farm.  Follow track and then path round field until you reah main road in Leconfield.  Turn right, then left and bear right at form.  Follow track and turn left over bridge then follow path to tIngs Road and back to bypass.  Return via manor road.  7.5 mile route:  www.plotaroute.com/route/898790
….until you go under the bridge, where you go up the embankment and onto the road towards Leconfield.  Once you get to Leconfield you can eithe turn round and come back, or pick up the track as per the 6.5 route. 6.2 mile route:  www.plotaroute.com/route/898799
……until you go under the bridge, where you go up the embankment and onto the road toward Bev.  You can then return via Manor road.  5.5 mile route:  www.plotaroute.com/route/898806