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Join our club, renew or find out all you need regarding membership on this page.  If you are thinking of joining our friendly club, you are very welcome to come down to the Leisure Centre on a Wednesday evening at 6.30pm for our club run to try us out. 

If you would like more information please email Cat Williamson, our membership secretary –email.

Membership Fees

New members:
Seniors 1st Claim (club vest included) £32
Seniors 2nd Claim (club vest included) £17
Young adult (18 to 21) £15
Social (non-competing) £10
Juniors £8

Seniors 1st Claim £30
Seniors 2nd Claim £15
Social £10
Juniors £8
Note: Club pays £15 admin charge per member to UKA for 1st Claim competing members.

Benefits of membership:
* UK Athletics affiliation and number;
* Discounted entry fees on all UKA affiliated races;
* Support, training advice and coaching from UKA affiliated Coaches and Leaders in Running Fitness;
* A club vest, with the option of having your name on it;
* Heavily subsidised social outings such as the awards night and Summer ‘away’ nights;
* Unlimited support;
* A great bunch of friends!

Beverley AC membership 2019/20

Our membership year runs from 1st April through to March 31st.

If you are a current member you will be contacted by England Athletics, by email, on 1st April 2019.  When you follow the link you will be taken to the England Athletics website to renew your membership.  You will have the choice of:
*  Senior 21 years +
*  Young Adult  – aged between 18-21 (within the year 1.4.19 to 31.3.20)
*  Junior – parents/carers must have been in contact with the juniors’ coach.  (Email Lewis here).

Second Claim (those who are already members of another club, but want to run with us too – you will already be registered with England Athletics through your first claim club).

If you are not contacted by England Athletics and therefore unable to rejoin, please contact Catriona Williamson who is our Membership Secretary.  To contact Cat please email here.

New Members
If you would like to join our club please complete the form here.  Our Membership Secretary will aim to register you with England Athletics as soon as possible and send you the payment link via email for subs.  In the meantime please join us on our runs and say Hello.

Catriona Williamson

Member newsletter

All senior members should receive a weekly newsletter by email on Tuesdays.  These newsletters contain information vital to you as a member and are key to successful communications in our club.   If you are not receiving this email, there are several things you can check:
*  Your email will go to the same email address you used to join.  Ensure you access this account to check.
*  Ensure your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has not identified the domain name as junk or spam.  You can check this by looking at your junk settings and marking the email address as ‘Never block sender’ or ‘Never block domain name’.  If you are unsure how to do this, ask a friend or family member or contact your ISP for help.
*  If you stop receiving the newsletters, check your ISP hasn’t marked them as ‘junk’ again.  On some occasions and for reasons not understood by me, some times an ISP can start sending these items to ‘junk’ again without your knowledge.

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