Read through the constituion below.

Expenses claims for club business

  • Costs are out laid by the member and then claimed back, using receipts or other proof of purchase.
  • EA registered courses will be paid at the reduced EA member rate.  Prior approval of course attendance must be sought.
  • Hotel costs are capped at £50.  Prior approval of hotel stays must be sought.  The distance from home must exceed 80 miles or the timescales of the course make same day travel unrealistic.
  • Members can claim 45p per mile, plus 2p per passenger.  HMRC rate.  Mileage may be verified using an online route planner.

Planning application objection

The committee unanimously agreed to support Beverley Athletic Club lodging a formal objection to the above planning application regarding Long Lane.  The crux of the application is this:

“Erection of glasshouses, automated bedding units and wind breaks to outdoor planting beds, external and internal alterations to redundant agricultural buildings to allow conversion to offices and stores, relocation of workers caravans, construction of reservoir with installation of drainage infrastructure across the site and creation of access to low farm, 5 passing places along Long Lane and junction improvements onto the A1174 (Hull Road).”

You can read the full planning application lodged with ERYC here:

Our objection in full was submitted on the afternoon of Tuesday 7th May and can be read here.
OBJECTION Plan app 19 00908 STPLF


As part of Beverley Athletic Club’s compliance with the new General Data Protection and Regulation rules coming into effect on the 25th May a copy of the club Privacy Notice is available here.
Privacy Notice

As the new laws come into effect, there are some important points for all members and race entrants to note.  As you join Beverley Athletic Club you also consent to us using your data for the successful administration of the club, this means that Beverley AC does not need to specifically get your permission to keep in touch with the weekly newsletters.  These newsletter are of legitimate interest and can be authorised through contractual agreement or necessity, rather than specific consent, in order to ensure the continued success of our club and the administration of club activities.

As an entrant to a race it is important to understand that, you agree that we may publish your Personal Information as part of the results of the Event and may pass such information to the governing body or any affiliated organisation for the purpose of insurance, licences or for publishing results either for the event alone or combined with or compared to other events. Results may include (but not be limited to) name, any club affiliation, race times, occupation and age category.

Your club, your committee

As the new membership year gets under way, it is a timely opportunity to remind all members about the administration of your club.  Beverley Athletic Club is an accessible and inclusive club, welcoming runners young, old, novice or experienced.  Your committee works for the interest of the club members, our community and running itself.  The committee have the same fundamental goals you have……….to enjoy running!  All the committee members give up their time for nothing and work extremely hard in order to facilitate races, membership, communications, local events, get togethers, social occasions, branded kit, training and coaching…….…the list is surprisingly long!  We do this so you can improve and enjoy your running, feel a benefit to being a member of your club and hopefully make you proud to be part of Beverley Athletic Club wearing the coveted Blue and Gold!  To that end your club vest will allow you to flash your allegiance with pride.  Don’t forget that in races you are obliged to wear your club vest, with the exception of any charity vests.  The committee meet after club run on the first Wednesday of every month generally in ‘The Potting shed’.  Within the ethos of our constitution at Section 8.4 (yyyyaaaaaaaawwwwwnnnn!) we are open and transparent and we always welcome feedback and constructive comments from ALL our members.  We are here to serve YOU!  Please feel free to approach any one of us to have a chat or pass on ideas.  Last time I looked none of us breathed fire or had multiple heads!

Some links you may (or may not) find interesting:
Is it really that organised and official?  Our Constitution.
Who do you think you are? A list of your committee members.
What do we talk about?  Read our AGM minutes.

Club Constitution Rules last reviewed February 2019

Beverley AC has agreed a constitution which sets out how the Club operates, how decisions are made and the procedures which are followed to ensure that these are efficient, transparent and accountable.  Some of these processes are required by UKA while others are a matter for the Club to choose.  The Constitution can only be amended by the AGM.


The Club shall be known as Beverley Athletic Club


To encourage the practice and development of running at all levels and abilities within an active social and supportive environment.

To organise teams to represent the Club in Championships and Leagues and in other such competitions as decided by the Club’s

The Club is affiliated to UK Athletics and Northern Athletics, declaring annually the intention to participate in road running, cross country running, and paying appropriate Club affiliation and individual member’s registration fees.

All 1st and 2nd claim Club members to abide by UK Athletics rules (available from the Club Secretary).


Membership shall be open to persons who are amateurs as defined by UK Athletics. Minimum age for membership to the junior section is 8 years. There is no maximum age limit but any members 18 years or over are deemed seniors for all purposes of club administration and activity. Over 16s but under 18 years attending with seniors for training must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Each application or re-application for annual membership is to be completed online with payment of the appropriate fee. Membership fees are payable 1 April of each year. Due to the requirement to inform the UKA of membership details as of 1 April each year, which results in individual registration for the 12 months following, members must either renew or otherwise inform the Membership Secretary of any change to their membership immediately after receiving their renewal request.

Membership fees will be set each year at the Annual General Meeting.
The club has appropriate safeguarding guidelines in place for the oversight of those members under 18 years and will annually (re) confirm the appointment of the Welfare Officer.


Club colours are cobalt blue with vertical broad yellow band (to be worn in UKA permitted races), blue shorts preferable.


The Management of the Club is vested in a Committee consisting of the following members:- Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer,  Race Secretary, Team Captain(s), Kit Secretary, Social & Trip Secretary, Route Master, Handicap Secretary, Press Officer, Junior’s Coach, Membership Secretary, EYCCL Representative, Rankings Statistician, Handicap Statistician and Photography Secretary.

All the foregoing shall be elected at the AGM and remain in office until the conclusion of the AGM the following year.

Should vacancies occur midterm the Committee have the right to appoint replacements by co-opting a member agreed by a majority vote of the Committee.

The Committee may be supported by sub-groups as required who shall report to the Committee as requested.


The AGM shall be held in the month of February of each year for the purpose of:-

  • Receiving the Annual Reports of the Committee.
  • Receiving the audited Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet.
  • Appoint/reappoint auditors for following year.
  • Electing the Officers and Committee for the ensuing year.
  • Adjusting as necessary level of Club Membership fees for the ensuing year.
  • Reviewing and agreeing amendments to the Club Constitutional Rules of which due notice has been given to all members.

At least 14 days notice shall be given to members of the date and venue for the AGM with a provisional agenda. A final agenda will be provided within seven days of the AGM.  Each fully paid up member present at the meeting shall have one vote.

For the AGM to be Quorum, a minimum 25% of its senior members (1st, 2nd and social combined) must be in attendance.

The Agenda and minutes of the AGM shall be prepared and taken by a member of the Committee appointed by the committee in the preceding year no later than two months prior to the AGM. The minutes will be circulated within three weeks of the AGM to all members after being adopted by the Secretary, Chairman and Treasurer initially and following Committee meeting as a true record of the meeting. These will be formally agreed at the following AGM.


The Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary shall serve as trustees for banking purposes with any two signatures being required for withdrawals from the club’s bank account.

The Treasurer is to ensure that club accounts are professionally audited annually prior to the AGM.


Frequency.  Committee meetings are to be held monthly on a date set by the Secretary.
Function and Quorum.The Committee shall transact the day-to-day business of the Club. Business shall only be transacted when at least six members are present. At the first Committee after the AGM the Committee shall appoint a Vice Chair from within its membership as outlined in 5 above. In the absence, resignation or removal of the Chair, the Vice Chair will then become chair until the chair is available again (if a temporary absence) or AGM if a resignation/removal.
Voting Rights.All Committee Members present shall have one vote on any issue.  In the event of a tied vote the Chairman shall have a casting vote.  Proposals shall be carried or defeated by simple majority. Proxy voting is not permitted.
Members Representation. A Club member wishing a matter to be considered by the Committee should approach a Committee Member.  The matter will then be raised on their behalf or if they so wish they are invited to attend the next meeting and put forward their own case.  Additionally, by prior arrangement Club members are welcome to observe Committee Meetings.


Members of the Club should not conduct themselves in a manner that could reasonably be regarded as bringing the club into disrepute.

Members are expected to treat others with respect.

Any complaint against a member of the club will be reported to the Committee who will recommend a course of action to be overseen by the Welfare Officer in the first instance.

A misdemeanour deemed serious enough will result in expulsion from the club.


The Club shall not be dissolved except by the consent of 75% of the fully paid up first claim senior members.

In the event of dissolution the Club’s assets are to be disposed of as recommended by a Committee approved at the AGM or at an Extraordinary AGM consenting to dissolution.  This Committee should be advised by the independent auditor for the year in question.


The Club Committee shall have the authority to deal with such matters.

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